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Fantham, Brigitte


Submit YOUR Photos to Yearbook!

Download the ReplayIt! App directly onto your phone, or upload online via the ReplayIt! Website.


Help make the yearbook more comprehensive and inclusive. Upload your personal photos from games, activities, rallies, dances, field-trips, Friday Nights, Community Events--anything related to being a part of PV Nation--so we can use them within our pages. 


Be mindful: Photos edited with filters, such as Instagram, will likely be too small or processed to use. If you edit your photos using another program, then do so by all means! 


You can also tag individuals in the photos you upload to help us keep track of the number of Grizzlies we include!

Whiteout 2016


Copyright Information

The Yearbook staff seeks to tell the story of our school. In the process we take many more photographs than can be included in the annual edition of the Evergreen. Recognizing that these photographs are of interest to our school community, and that their distribution supports our mission, we are making many of those photographs available to the students and staff of Pajaro Valley High School.


These photographs remain the property of the individual photographers who are granting some rights to other users. The details of this license can be read below. Generally, it is okay to use our photographs for any non-commercial use (like your Twitter avatar). We simply ask that you attribute the image to us. That includes projects completed for school (like a class slideshow). It is not okay to use our photographs for a commercial purpose (like printing our photograph in a program sold by your club team).


This summary of the key features of the license is not comprehensive. All users are encouraged to review all the terms and conditions of the actual license before using our photographs. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


Senior "Packet" -- Questions and Best/Most Voting!

Hey Seniors! 


Please fill out the form provided in order to get yourself represented in the 2018 yearbook! This year we are focusing on perspective: the Evergreen wants to tell YOUR story, as YOU experience it; we want to highlight YOUR unique qualities and diverse interests; we want to share what makes YOU an essential part of PV Nation. Please provide us with an opportunity to include you in our yearbook.


Please take special note we are voting on 16 different superlatives (best/most) and in some cases we are asking for both a female/male nominee. The additional questions are necessary for us to develop our story -- so please answer those, as well!\


Questions, email brigitte_fantham@pvusd.net or through school loop.   

Save Your Memories, Buy a Yearbook!

Starting July 1, you can buy the 2018 edition online with a credit card; if need be, you can make three monthly payments. You can purchase the yearbook for $70 until 11/10/17. Thereafter, the price increases to $75 through 12/12/17. 


You can also purchase your yearbook in room H211 during Power Hour and Tutorial.


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