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Placement in the following courses is determined by placement test results and recommendation of the ELD teacher and/or the English Learner Specialist.

Title:  ELD 2                Course #:  1032               Number of Credits:  10


This course provides Early Intermediate level students acquiring English the opportunity to improve their fluency in both oral and written communication skills. 


Intermediate ELD continues to develop skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing English.  Students will become familiar with short novels, poetry and content area reading.  Class activities include individual and group work, silent and shared reading, writing, class discussions, presentations and dictations.  The course is aligned to both the California Content Standards for English Language Arts and English Language Development Standards. These students are encouraged to participate in the Extended Learning ELD Writing Class for Early Intermediate Students.


After completion of English 1, this course will fulfill one year of the English graduation requirement.