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Creative Writing


Title:  Creative Writing           Course #:  1510                              Number of Credits:  10


Creative Writing is a year-long course emphasizing skills in writing poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction.  We emphasize the creative process; explore the many genres of creative writing, including poetry, short fiction, memoir and creative nonfiction.  Students will learn the basics of descriptive, narrative, and poetic writing through daily written assignments.  Skills in proofreading, peer editing, and revising are stressed.  Critical thinking skills will be enhanced through close readings, explorative word usage and collaborative activities.  Students perform activities that enhance their understanding of both poetry and prose.  This course is built upon exploring and defining the world of poetry through self reflection and experience.  Regular field trips and guest speakers will help us understand the cultural and natural offerings of Central California.  It is through the writer’s experiences, through time spent in observing the world that expands a writer’s repertoire.  This course will not include the writing of standard academic essays.  This is a challenging course that requires a love of writing.