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math 2

math 2

Title:   Math 2                                                     Number of Credits:  10
Grade: 10
Recommended Preparation:  One year of Math 1 with a grade of “C” or better
This full-year standards-based course is the second course of the three-course integrated sequence described in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. In Math, 2 students will learn to use new models and methods to think about problems as well as solve them. You will be developing powerful mathematical tools and learning new ways of thinking about and investigating situations. This course covers topics ranging from trigonometry, quadratics, probability, special triangles, properties of polygons, and much more. You will be making connections, discovering relationships, figuring out what strategies can be used to solve problems, and explaining your thinking. Learning to think in these ways and communicate about your thinking is useful in mathematical contexts, other subjects in school, and situations outside the classroom. The mathematics you have learned in math 1 will be valuable for learning in this course.