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Chemistry SDAIE

Chemistry SDAIE

Title: Chemistry SDAIE               Credit: 10.0                 
SDAIE Chemistry is a college preparatory, two-semester, standards-based science course where Next Generation Science Standards frame the core curriculum.  Next Generation Science Standards blend Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI) with Scientific and Engineering Practices (SEP) and Crosscutting Concepts (CCC) to support students in developing usable knowledge to explain real-world phenomena.
SDAIE Chemistry is designed for English Language Learners who are at the Beginning, Early Intermediate, and Intermediate levels of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English. English Language Learners in this SDAIE course will cover the same essential content, and utilize the same basic textbook. The course varies in the pacing, instructional methodology, and supplemental materials used which are designed to provide depth vs. breadth of the content standards, more comprehensible input, primary language support, and literacy development through the content area.  
SDAIE Chemistry students will be introduced to basic concepts in Chemistry to increase their science literacy and explore the human/Natural World interface through utilization of PVHS unique Wetland Ecosystem. Lessons will emphasize the flexibility and usefulness of the Scientific Method template to increase student understanding of scientific concepts, and students will have the opportunity to explore and learn science content through the principles of Scientific Investigation and Experimentation. To be scientifically literate in Chemistry requires that students learn the macroscopic properties of matter and the microscopic properties of matter constituent particles. Towards that end, this course will include the study of Atomic Structure and Bonding; Chemical Reactions, and the conservation and transfer of Energy through a system. At the conclusion of this course, students will have developed an understanding of the personal, social, and ethical implications of Chemistry in their lives.