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Title:  Physics                                               Number of Credits:  10
Physics is a way of knowing and understanding rules that govern our universe and the world around us. Ever wonder what exactly is happening when you ride a bike or push a skateboard down the street? Why do you move faster down a hill than up a hill? Have you ever been in a car crash and wonder why the car keeps moving after impact, or why your car got crunched but the other one was fine? Why do we stay stuck to earth even though our planet is flying through space at crazy speeds? What causes the waves in the ocean, and what does this have to do with sound and earthquakes, and light? Why do magnets stick together or push apart? What causes their charge, and how can I make one? Where does electricity come from and how does it run through my house and my stereo, phone charger, computer, and electronics? How does a speaker work?
In class, these concepts will be explored through hands-on activities and projects. Topics covered include Formation of the Universe, Earth, and gravity, kinematics, energy, heat, sound, light, electricity, and magnetism. This lab-science course is designed for juniors and seniors who are serious about science and plan to attend college.
Textbook: Conceptual Physics by Paul Hewitt