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Guidance Department


The professional practice of the Guidance Department reflects Pajaro Valley High School's School-wide Goals.  Guidance information for students and families is provided through classroom presentations, student conferences, evening events, and more.  Guidance Counselors collaborate with students and families with the goal of student success and well-being for all.

Pajaro Valley High School School-wide Goals

Goal 1 - Increase the percentage of students who graduate college and career ready.

Goal 2 - Provide students with Common Core State Standards aligned instruction and assessment.

Goal 3 - Maintain a safe educational and social emotional environment that fosters a caring community where students feel connected to and supported by peers and adults.

Guidance Department Services

  • Registration and Course scheduling
  • Four year plan development and monitoring
  • Parent/Student Conferences
  • Informational Meetings
  • Post High School Graduation planning and application support
  • Naviance Support
Assistant Principal
Contact Consuelo Mason  Consuelo Mason (831) 728-8102 ex: 3676 Assistant Principal
Guidance Counselors
Contact Adrian Fernandez  Adrian Fernandez (831) 728-8102 ex: 3593 Guidance Counselor P-Z
Contact Ramiro Medrano  Ramiro Medrano (831) 728-8102 ex: 3505 Counselor - 9th grade
Contact Ximena Ospina  Ximena Ospina (831) 728-8102 ex: 3677 Guidance Counselor (Gonzalez - O)
Contact Nancy Puente  Nancy Puente (831) 728-8102 ex: 3594 Guidance Counselor (A - Gonzales)
Student Services
Contact Margarita Alba  Margarita Alba (831) 728-8102 ex: 3674 Registrar
Contact EAOP/Gear-UP/Upward Bound  EAOP/Gear-UP/Upward Bound (831) 728-8102 ex: 3585 Staff
Contact Nicole Morasca  Nicole Morasca (831) 728-8102 ex: 3598 College & Scholarship
Contact Miguel Orejel  Miguel Orejel Teacher
Contact Sylvia Ybarra  Sylvia Ybarra (831) 728-8102 ex: 3574 Student Information Support