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Online grizzly gear store

Due to COVID-19 our student store is not open on campus. 
Orders will be shipped directly to you! To order click here 

We want to thank you for supporting us and our Grizzly Pride during these times.



Welcome back grizzlies

Leadership Development Day - Thursday August 5th on the field

Grizzly Crew
- Check in at the Cafeteria at 7:00 am
- Bring your own snacks & water
- Wear comfortable shoes & clothes
-Bring a mask
9th Grade Orientation 
- Check in at the Cafeteria at 8:45 am
- Event ends at noon and 9th graders can be picked up in the student parking lot.  
- Bring your own snacks & water
- Wear comfortable shoes & clothes 
- Bring mask
- And remember to eat after


10th Grade Orientation
Check in at the Cafeteria at 12:15 pm
- Event ends at 3:30 pm and 10th graders can be picked up in the student parking lot.
- Bring your own snacks & waters
- Wear comfortable shoes & cloths
- Bring mask/Health
- Remember to eat before

class of 2022 

Seniors we will have a Senior Meeting in September to go over Senior year Events & Activities

Senior Pictures

TBA - We are working on the details

Senior Signing Day Information

Senior Exit Survey Information

Cap & Gown Information
TBA - We are working on the details

Senior Hoodie Information 
TBA - We are working on the details

Cap & Gown Pick up Information

Senior Book Return Information

Graduation Practice Information 
ALL Graduation Practices are MANDATORY
Graduation Tickets

Diploma Pick Up

Donate your Gown Back to PV Nation - 
Support your future Grizzlies


This information is subject to change

This information will be placed in the Class of 2022 Google Classroom
This information will be placed in the Grizzly News. 
If you have any questions please email Ms. Brusa.

Thank you and Go Grizzlies!


Join one of our PVHS CLUB today. 

More information on Club can be found in the Grade Level Google Classrooms and in the Google Classroom ASB Office.

To purchase your yearbook -
Enter School Code - 
Price - $43.91
Deadline - April 15th
For more information please go to your Grade Level Google Classrooms.