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Course Information

All courses are open to all students.

PVHS Course Catalog

Graduation Requirements by Subject 

Class of 2018-2022

Applied Arts 10 Credits
English 40 Credits
Foreign Language or Fine Arts 10 Credits
Mathematics (must include Algebra 1 or equivalent) 30 Credits
Biological Science 10 Credits
Physical Science 10 Credits
Other Science 10 Credits
World History 10 Credits
U.S. History 10 Credits
Federal Government 5 Credits
Economics 5 Credits
Health 5 Credits
Physical Education 20 Credits
Electives 45 Credits


220 Credits

40 hours of Community Service




Subject Area Requirements

(University of California)


The intent of the UC  "a-g" Subject Requirements is to ensure that students can participate fully in the first-year program at the University in a wide variety of fields of study.


A) History/social science

B) English

C) Mathematics

D) Laboratory science

E) Language other than English

F) Visual and performing arts

G) College-preparatory elective 

(College-preparatory electives (G) are found throughout this catalog)

Community Service:

Completion of 40 hours

Pick up a form in the Counseling Office or print from our website- counseling tab- Community Service Hours