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Course Information

All courses are open to all students.

Graduation Requirements by Subject

Applied Arts 10 Credits
English 40 Credits
Foreign Language or Fine Arts 10 Credits
Mathematics (must include Algebra 1 or equivalent) 30 Credits
Biological Science 10 Credits
Physical Science 10 Credits
Other Science 10 Credits
World History 10 Credits
U.S. History 10 Credits
Federal Government 5 Credits
Economics 5 Credits
Health 5 Credits
Physical Education 20 Credits
Electives 45 Credits


220 Credits



Subject Area Requirements

(University of California)


The intent of the UC  "a-g" Subject Requirements is to ensure that students can participate fully in the first-year program at the University in a wide variety of fields of study.


A) History/social science

B) English

C) Mathematics

D) Laboratory science

E) Language other than English

F) Visual and performing arts

G) College-preparatory elective 

(College-preparatory electives (G) are found throughout this catalog)



Community Service:

Completion of

40 hours

Pick up a form in the Counseling Office