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Integrated Coordinated Science 1 SDAIE


Title:  Integrated Coordinated Science 1 SDAIE               Course#:  3611         Number of Credits:  10


Integrated Science 1 (Environmental Science) SDAIE is a college preparatory, two semester course designed for English Language Learners who are at the Beginning, Early Intermediate and Intermediate levels of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English. English Language Learners in this SDAIE course cover the same essential content and utilize the same basic textbook, supplemented with content parallel materials at an easier reading level, as their Fluent English Speaker counterparts. In addition, primary language materials will be provided, when available, to facilitate the preview and review of essential content. The course varies in the pacing, instructional methodology, and supplemental materials used which are designed to provide depth vs. breadth of the content standards, more comprehensible input, primary language support, and literacy development through the content area. 


This course combines fundamental concepts of biological, physical, and earth sciences.  Students explore these concepts through an activity-based program involving laboratory inquiry, problem solving, and science content readings.  A goal of this course is to provide the opportunity for students to develop rational decision-making skills, which would apply to major issues of personal and public concern.  This course will allow students to examine how products of science and technology change society.  This course will engage students in science activities by placing them in a position of responsibility for learning tasks.