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  •  Taking an AP or honors course load is an important decision, requires desire and commitment.  Check the school course catalog and the school AP website to understand better the course load content and expectations.
  • Check your google email and Synergy every day. 
  • Stay safe, healthy, and connected with your teachers and counselor as needed.
  • Complete the designated Tasks and Lessons in Naviance through your Google Drive. It is fun and will help you to identify skills related to careers and colleges. 
High School Graduation Requirements


This is your time

Reach out, be proactive, ask questions ... 

Who is your school Counselor?

(by grade by alpha)

If there are still errors in your schedule, talk to your Advisory teacher or subject teacher for clarifications. They will notify, refer or send you to us.  Thank you!         

Ms. Ospina
Gonzalez to O

               9 & 11 grade                 A to L

Mr. Meza
Mr. Fernandez

                  9 & 11 grade               M to Z