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Class of 2020


Seniors  Reminders

  • We receive over 500 class schedule change request -be Patient.  You will be called out of class if they were able to grant the change.  If you provided an email with your request you will receive a message directly.  
  • If your request is a 'want" vs " a need" it will not be granted.  For example, I want Mr. XYZ for English because I do not want Mrs. ABC.  We have limited sections for our 258 seniors and cannot grant class schedule changes due to teacher preference.  
  • Seniors who qualify for ERWC class your schedule might involve adjusting your English 4 class to a 4th or 6th-period ERWC section.  We will share the list with Mrs. Fantham this week.
  • Make sure your schedule has an English 4 class, Economics/American Government, Physics or a science course, Statistics/or a math class.  All seniors should also have 2 electives.  
  • Consider co-current enrollment for Enrichment with Cabrillo College it is free to attend.  
  • Don't forget to use the google form on this page to request counseling appointments with your academic counselor.