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Honor/Accel. Staff Directory
Contact Adam Hioki  Adam Hioki (831) 728-8102 ex: 3512 Teacher
Contact Gary Martindale  Gary Martindale (831) 728-8102 ex: 3555 Teacher
Contact Maya Murphy  Maya Murphy (831) 728-8102 ex: 3549 Teacher
Contact Heidi Story  Heidi Story (831) 728-8102 ex: 3558 Teacher
Contact Adriana Ybarra  Adriana Ybarra (831) 728-8102 ex: 3521 Teacher

AP (Advanced Placement)

This section is currently being updated! Thank you for you interest!

Current AP Student 2020-2021

Thank you for your hard work in Advanced Placement courses. Please stay posted for any changes in the AP Program. Your AP teacher will guide you through the required steps and procedures of the AP Exams in May 2021. 

You may also contact Mrs. Juanita Aguilera at or Terri Rodriguez at for any AP testing questions.

Future AP Students 2021-2022

Thank you for your interest in advanced placement courses! We want to support your future success and need you to be informed on the rigor and pace of these advanced courses. You are required to view the informational presentation below, sign the contract (google form), and review the checklist prior to adding the course to your official course request for the 2021-2022 school year in Synergy. 

You may contact Mrs. Juantia Aguilera for general AP/Accelerated questions.  If you have course questions you may contact the teaching staff directly.   All extension and email links provided under the AP Staff directory.



AP Staff Directory
Contact Juanita Aguilera  Juanita Aguilera (831) 728-8102 ex: 3576 Assistant Principal
Contact Cecilia Fernandez  Cecilia Fernandez (831) 728-8102 ex: 3506 Teacher
Contact MariaS Garcia  MariaS Garcia (831) 728-8102 ex: 3504 Teacher
Contact James Lucas  James Lucas (831) 728-8102 ex: 3528 Teacher
Contact Sandra Macias  Sandra Macias (831) 728-8102 ex: 3502 Teacher
Contact Cecilia Navarro  Cecilia Navarro (831) 728-8102 ex: 3532 Teacher
Contact Kyla Plumlee  Kyla Plumlee (831) 728-8102 ex: 3547 Teacher
Contact Micah Powell  Micah Powell (831) 728-8102 ex: 3524 Teacher
Contact Terri Rodriguez  Terri Rodriguez (831) 728-8102 ex: 3573 Accounting Specialist
Contact Greg Tucker  Greg Tucker (831) 728-8102 ex: 3566 Teacher