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Entrepreneurship 1

Entrepreneurship 1

Credit: 10.0 ( Year Course)                
Fulfills:  Applied Arts / UC (G) & CSU with a grade of ‘C’ or better
Grades: 9-11
Recommended Preparation: None
Teacher: Melissa Petersen
Entrepreneurship 1 is a project-based college prep course where students analyze and develop a small business. Students learn the principles of
entrepreneurship and how the market economy and ownership leads to wealth creation. Students learn not only the skills necessary to become entrepreneurs but also the attitudes,
characteristic, and techniques need to be successful entrepreneurs. Finally, they learn about saving and make future investments in order to meet their financial goals in life. Students will
learn to build analytical skills through solving complex problems and making sound decisions in order to produce a viable business. Through the study of entrepreneurship, students will
learn the importance of the role of entrepreneurship in the market economy, opportunity recognition, communicate in business, ethical business behavior, social responsibility,
competitive advantage and sustainability, market research and cost/benefit analysis, advertise and market products, business financial decisions including pricing, operating costs, and
projections. As students create their business plan, they will integrate academic knowledge to their own ventures, thus putting theory into practice.
Throughout each unit in this course, students will take the knowledge and skills learned to develop those aspects of their own business plan.