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Public Safety 1h

Public Safety 1h

Title:  Public Safety 1H                        Number of Credits:  10                   Grades: 9-11                     
Recommended Preparation: None           Teacher: Martha Vega
Students learn the basics of law enforcement including a working knowledge of state and federal laws and varied segments of the judicial system.  The course will include a historical survey of American police agencies including California, development, and trends of the criminal justice system, laws of arrest, search and seizure, participation in the ride-along program with Watsonville Police Department, and hiring and testing processes for positions in law enforcement.
Fulfills:  Applied Arts credit, UC(G) & CSU, 
Cabrillo Articulation Agreement: CJ-1/Transfers to CSU;UC 
Articulation: This class has an articulation agreement with Cabrillo College (eligible to petition for CJ-1, 3 units with grade of "B" or better in class and 80% on the approved CJ-1 final exam, credit by exam and teacher recommendation).