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Placement in the following courses is determined by placement test results and recommendation of the ELD teacher and/or the English Learner Specialist.
Title:  ELD 2                           Number of Credits:  10
This course provides Early Intermediate level students acquiring English the opportunity to improve their fluency in both oral and written communication skills. 
Placement Criteria: ELPAC scores, SBAC scores and recommended place by ELS
This one-period block class is the second level in the three-year ELD continuum. This class builds on the foundation of ELD 1 to further develop English language skills in English grammar and vocabulary with a focus on mastering past tense.  Students are engaged in scaffolded reading and writing activities. Students learn English in the four areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening as described in the California state-adopted ELD standards.
After completion of English 1, this course will fulfill one year of the English graduation requirement.