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Placement Criteria: ELPAC scores, SBAC scores, and recommended place by ELS
Credits: 10.0 (Year Long Class)      Grades 9-13      
This course is designed as a college preparatory course with a strong emphasis on reading, writing, listening, and speaking where students will acquire academic vocabulary in conjunction with the reading non-fiction and fiction texts of demanding complexity across various genres. Academic discourse is built into the unit lessons using research-based instructional strategies. All learning units are designed to address the Common Core Standards for English language arts, ELD, and content area literacy. Students are assessed in a variety of ways including formal essays, presentations to peers, discussion participation, reports, projects, Socratic seminars, journal reflections, and tests.
In addition to the exploration of multiple text genres, this course will also develop students writing abilities in an academic setting. Included among these writing activities are assignments that incorporate descriptive writing and persuasive strategies as well as integrate the teaching of standard writing conventions within the context of the writing projects.  Genres include:
Personal narratives
Argument essays
Expository essays
Literary Analysis
This course is designed for English learners who have reached the “Expanding/Bridging” level in the ELD continuum, and it is the final bridge course to mainstream English classes.
ELD satisfies one year of A-G English