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Chemistry Honors

Title: Chemistry                                    Credits: 10.0                                                   
Recommended Preparation: Math 1 with grade “C” or better, Honors application, and/or Science teacher recommendation
Honors Chemistry has a greater emphasis on the quantitative aspects of chemistry and critical thinking problems at an accelerated pace.  Honors Chemistry is a two-semester NGSS standards-based course.  Students will be introduced to the basic Chemistry concepts needed to be a chemically literate and environmentally responsible citizen.  Students will learn to apply Chemistry knowledge during inquiry activities, labs, and field studies in our surrounding wetlands ecosystems. Through explorations and investigations, students will develop an understanding of the personal, social, environmental, and ethical implications of Chemistry. The units of study will be taught in an environmentally-themed course.
  • Units of Study (Content that will be covered in greater depth in Honors)
  • Investigation and Experimentation
  • Properties of Matter
  • Atomic and Molecular Structure
  • Chemical Bonds, Biochemistry
  • Kinetics and Thermodynamics
  • Conservation of Matter and Stoichiometry