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Counseling Services

PVHS is committed to providing students, families and staff the resources and supports to promote the academic success and social emotional wellbeing of students across all classrooms. We engage in this work to position every student for success by creating equitable and meaningful opportunities for learning and growth.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services

Counseling Services Leadership

Ursula Bahena (831) 728-8102 ext. 3676 Assistant Principal

School Counseling Team

Adrian Fernandez (831) 728-8102 ext. 3593 School Counselor
Joel Meza (831) 728-8102 ext. 3505 School Counselor
Nancy Puente (831) 728-8102 ext. 3594 School Counselor
Ximena Ospina (831) 728-8102 ext. 3677 School Counselor

Social/Emotional Counseling Team 

Alejandra Vaca-Perez (831) 728-8102 ext. 3567 Social/Emotional Counselor
Alicia Navarro-Nunez (831) 728-8102 ext. 3686 Mental Health Clinician